Broadband + Burpengary = Modern Family

Date Released - March 30, 2015.

The accessibility of high speed internet combined with advanced technology in education is set to send the residents of The Village at Burpengary to the top of the class.

This year the new Burpengary State Secondary College, part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP), welcomed its first pupils. The state of the art school is situated literally across the road from QM Properties’ The Village at Burpengary, residential estate, which is NBN Ready.

“The nexus of NBN and a highly sought after school is a real driver for families in the market for a new estate to call home,” said QM Properties Sales Manager Damien Ross.

In the first stage of The Village, 60% has been sold to families, with 25% of buyers having two or more children.

“We are aware that the ‘education factor’ is a strong motivation for sales in estates that have been developed with families in mind,” said Damien. “But with Burpengary, the effect is expected to be off the charts.’’

Proximity to high quality education is a major factor in choice of location, as studies from Australia and around the world indicate.

The closer the home to the school, the higher the value in terms of additional dollars or pounds.

“Many parents prefer to move to the location and catchment area of a good school like Burpengary rather than pay escalating private school fees,” said Damien.

“With private school fees rising each year, better performing public and PPP schools are becoming a preferable alternative,” said Damien. “Buyers can expect their property to increase in value substantially.”

The PPP program has seen the Federal Government open similar schools in Pimpama, Caboolture and Springfield.

Burpengary State Secondary College has a comprehensive technology program that includes robotics, plastic manufacturing, laser cutting CAD and 3D printing. The state of the art school has its own environmental dams for water testing and other scientific studies.

An RMIT University study in Victoria this year estimated that a top school zone can add an extra $165,000 to a home in Melbourne. RMIT looked at parents in Balwyn and Camberwell, which are both top secondary schools that restrict entry to a catchment of local residents.

The report found that parents who bought in these areas had a ‘borderline obsession’ with getting their children into the best schools.

Property commentators and social scientists have long suspected this to be the case, and this new Australian research carried out last year confirms the trend.

Report co-authors and property valuers, James McGrath and Oliver Evans, predicted that the influence of school zones would only increase.

The Burpengary State Secondary College has opened with year seven and eight pupils, with year 9 to be offered next year, growing up to 530 students on campus.

Across the road at the Village at Burpengary, all homesites have been equipped with infrastructure required for NBN.

For the tech savvy generation, with each pupil equipped with tablets and laptops, the NBN is a major selling point, with 25 to 100 megabytes per second download speed on offer in some of our estates, compared to less than 5 megabytes per second on the old ADSL.

“Recent experience in our other NBN connected estates indicates that the NBN at The Village will be faster than our office in Ann Street in the CBD!” said Damien.

As the National Broadband Network rollout continues, sales people and property buyers are both confirming the positive effect on prices and lifestyle.

In late 2013, the then Deputy PM said that the proposed fibre to node scheme would add $5000 value to homes. Property analysts were sceptical at the time of the dollar value, but since then, developers and their clients in NBN areas agree.

As part of the subdivision construction process, QM Properties provide ‘pit and pipe’ infrastructure which the NBN Co. then utilises to connect NBN services to homes.

The first release of the Village at Burpengary is selling fast, with only a handful of homesites remaining, priced from $319,990 for a brand new Home and Land.

“This affordable price point will continue to attract the smart generation of ‘cyberchangers’ with its location and affordability,” said Damien.