Covenants are contractually binding estate standards agreed to between the Buyer and Seller that are annexed as special conditions to a developer’s land sale contracts.

First and foremost, the covenant is a set of controls and guidelines which standardise improvements to the land that the Buyer undertakes which include the dwelling design and construction, pools, sheds, fencing and landscaping.

In the post-building phase the covenant contains an agreement on the standard of maintenance and presentation of a property that a Buyer will uphold.

As an ongoing property owner within an estate, QM have a genuine interest in ensuring that all homes are constructed and maintained to a high standard and that the estate is an attractive community for years to come.

Whilst a covenant is a legal document, we aim to ensure that it remains practical and affordable to comply with whilst also providing clarity on the required standards. To this end we are constantly seeking ways to improve our covenants and procedures and we reserve the right to change our covenants at any time.

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