Green Living Not Just for Golfers

Date Released - February 21, 2013.

Golf course residential enclaves have traditionally attracted players who enjoy the opportunity to indulge in their favourite game by stepping into their back garden.

However, QM Properties, like other developers have found that a high percentage of buyers are attracted to golf residential land due to the rural setting and peaceful atmosphere.

“Many of our buyers don’t even play golf, but are attracted to the large blocks and country style outlook,” said QM Properties Sales Manager Damien Ross. “At Hattonvale, The Fairways development is a good example offering what we believe is the most affordable golf course land in Australia.”

“We have a large percentage of buyers who are moving there from other smaller lot residential subdivisions,” he said.

One good example is RAAF reservist and former F-111 aircraft engineer Darryl Prestidge and his wife and family of four boys.

Darryl and Mechelle lived in Yamanto in south-west Ipswich which backed onto the busy Cunningham Highway and Warwick road.

“We got fed up with the noise and really wanted to have somewhere quieter that gave us room to build a big house for the family,” said Darryl.

The Prestidges have built a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom Hallmark home in a sleek contemporary style.

“We have lovely bush views from our hill over the valley, and we have our own creek too,” said Darryl.

The Prestidges have built on an acre block, in a rural park-like setting.

Also enjoying the rural atmosphere are Frank Lai and his wife Mandy with their two energetic young children.

“We weren’t looking at acreage at all,” said Frank. “But we were going for a drive to Toowoomba as a day trip, and my wife saw the sign on the highway and suggested we take look at The Fairways.”

“We drove in and I met Julie from Hallmark who has introduced us to our future dream home!” said Frank.

The Lais had been living in Forest Lake in the five years since they relocated from Cairns.

“We needed something bigger in a family home, and found the fairly high density living not to our taste,” he said.

The Lais purchased a 4000 square metre block, which was exactly 10 times the size of their current land at Forest Lakes.

“We immediately fell in love with the bush views, the space and the quiet,” said Frank.

The Lai family are about to move into their new 3 bedroom home in The Fairways but have no intention of playing golf at this stage.

“The buyers don’t necessarily play golf, but many still enjoy the community activities offered by the golf and country club,” said Damien. “There is a strong sense of community in a golf development that you don’t really get in high density living.”