Green Peace at Jimboomba Woods

Date Released - November 19, 2013.

QM Properties commissioned an Ecological Assessment Report to assist them in the planning of Jimboomba Woods.

“We also consulted with the Logan and Albert Conservation Association to protect the endemic species within the proposed parkland,” said QM Properties Sales Manager Damien Ross. “Part of our commitment to environmental excellence involves offsetting essential clearing with similar or high quality vegetation.”

“We clear the minimum amount of trees, but obviously some have to go to make way for homes and streets,” he said.

QM Properties place high priority on environmental planning and have won multiple industry awards for excellence in this area.

The Logan and Albert Conservation Association (LACA) conducted an Environmental Assessment Report for Jimboomba Woods Stage 2. This covered native flora and fauna surveys and assessment of the reserve area on Scrubby Creek post clearing of Stage 2. Ecologically sensitive weed control recommendations were also submitted in the report for this area which was heavily covered in lantana and corky passion vine and other classified and environmental weeds.  The LACA sourced seedlings of the endangered Melaleuca irbyana which were planted in the parkland in Stage 2.

“In the Scrubby Creek reserve area, we identified endangered, near threatened and of concern regional ecosystems containing rare and vulnerable flora and fauna species which need to be protected and appreciated by all,” said Carla Parker, Project Officer and Executive Member of the Logan and Albert Conservation Association.

Approximately 101ha or 19.8% of the development area will be dedicated open space, parkland, and green corridors. Within these areas, approximately 10 kilometres of walking trails will be constructed. Linkage through the estate will provide connection to Council’s existing recreational trail network.

Native trees will be planted along these corridors and within the park land, together with a variety of park embellishments, environmental signage and way finders.

QM’s buyer covenant for Jimboomba Woods involves a stipulation that home owners only remove trees that are absolutely necessary. In addition, the landscape plan for each home must be submitted to QM for approval.

“This plan must include plant sizes and species, so that no unsuitable varieties are included,” said Damien Ross.

This management of vegetation has been a feature of QM’s developments in Logan City, and across South East Queensland.

QM Properties won the prestigious Parkland Residential Category in the UDIA Suncorp Queensland Awards for Excellence in 2004 for Glenlogan Lakes, also in Logan City.

Glenlogan Lakes had also been a finalist in the same category in 2003. This award is for developments in a residential subdivision with a minimum allotment size of 2000sq meters.

In previous years, QM Properties has won awards for Pacific Harbour at Bribie Island, Norfolk Lakes at Caboolture Shire and Noosa Waters at Noosa. Pacific Harbour has won numerous industry awards for environmental practices and sustainable development.

Glenlogan Lakes is situated on the banks of the picturesque Logan River and provided a relaxed parkland development for 167 families when it was completed in 2006.

The emphasis of the estate design was to promote an environment in which residents would access all parts of the estate and enjoy a quality rural lifestyle.

“When we took over the development it was zoned as a much higher density subdivision,” said Damien. “But we sacrificed 30 blocks of saleable land to create the central parkland walkway with a water focus.”

“We decided to give up the 30 blocks to create a community that will have a better quality lifestyle for families,” said Damien.

Division 11, which covers Glenlogan Lakes and Jimboomba Woods, is represented by Councillor Trevina Schwarz. Councillor Schwarz lives in Glenlogan Lakes herself and is also the Chairperson of the Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee for Logan City Council.

“Council works with developers like QM Properties to ensure that areas such as Jimboomba Woods retain as much as our native vegetation as possible,” said Councillor Schwarz. “We all appreciate the work of groups like the Logan and Albert Conservation Association in providing their expertise in this field too.”

“People are attracted to this peaceful and historic semi-rural area due to our bushland and country atmosphere, so we all share the goal of as much green preservation as possible,” she said.

“We encourage developers to include extensive parkland, walkways and open spaces which create communities and add social value to new precincts.”

Water was a feature of Glenlogan estate with large sections of community parkland having frontage to the Logan River, dams and lakes. Five of the allotments had direct river frontage opening up a whole range of leisure activities to the owners.

The parklands are linked by open space corridors and walking trails. This ensures that the whole district can be accessed by foot or bicycle for residents and allows free movement of native wildlife.

QM Properties also developed an educational brochure for residents to assist in wildlife protection. This promoted fauna friendly fencing, appropriate planting and pet management.

Five garden layouts were designed for residents, which incorporate native species. They have also been utilised in public parks, road reserves and entry statements. In particular, the endangered species Melaleuca irbyana has been singled out for special treatment. The boundaries were realigned to ensure existing trees are contained in parks and cuttings have been taken to use in landscape planting.