River Retreat: Legacy leads the way

Date Released - October 1, 2015.

Commuters living in the city’s South West have a lot to smile about with the opening of the Brisbane City Council’s new Legacy Way tunnel.

The trade-off between living in close proximity to the city and larger lot living, has long been a dilemma faced by prospective buyers, but with the opening of the Legacy Way tunnel it seems that buyers looking to relocate to the City’s South West truly can have it all.

The M5 Legacy Way is a 4.6 kilometre long tunnel linking the Western Freeway at Toowong and the Inner City Bypass at Kelvin Grove. It is expected to significantly ease traffic congestion and lessen commute times into the city, and is a welcome addition to Brisbane’s infrastructure, with property analysts predicting it will drive sales in the city’s outer suburbs.

“When Australians dream of their perfect home, it usually involves a water view and a large backyard,” said QM Properties’ Sales Manager Damien Ross.

“We all love looking out over the ocean or a lake from our entertaining areas. Likewise, who wouldn’t mind a bit of extra room for a shed, pool and gardens?” he said.

“Now, thanks to this new tunnel making it easier than ever to get to the city, acreage living is more accessible.”

The QM Properties estate of River Retreat is set east of Brisbane in the suburb of Karalee, has enjoyed strong interest from buyers, but Damien predicts that with the improved infrastructure of the Legacy Way tunnel it will increase interest from buyers looking for larger acreage lots.

Traffic on Brisbane’s major roads has increased by 3.5 per cent, meaning motorists are spending more time stuck in traffic during peak hour, according to Brisbane City Council data.

Analytics comparing the second half of 2014 with the previous year, shows that motorists across the city are spending an extra six seconds per kilometre they travel during their morning commute in peak times.

In a recent statement, Brisbane Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the council was completing a number of major projects to combat congested roads. Cr Schrinner said both major and minor road projects were important for tackling congestion.

“Six seconds per kilometre is something that the average motorist probably won’t notice across their journeys to work every day, and you’re getting thousands more vehicles on the road compared to last year.”

“Brisbane traffic is still a lot less congested compared to Sydney or Melbourne, but there is an increase in delays and more traffic on the road during the daily commute,” said Damien.

“The opening of Legacy Way means commuters can now travel from River Retreat to the CBD via the centenary highway in under twenty five minutes, which will have a significant impact on people’s travel time.”

“Whenever the government commits to huge projects like this, we welcome the positive benefits it will provide to those who have to travel to work.”

Not only will commuters enjoy reduced travel times to the city, Damien said the tunnel will provide other benefits for those looking to buy outside the city.

“For many first home buyers, the high cost of houses in the city’s inner suburbs means they are having to look at alternative options when entering the property market,” he said.

“But with major infrastructure upgrades like the Legacy Way tunnel, people now don’t have to travel for too long to find affordable house and land packages.”

The land options available at River Retreat will suit buyers who want to upgrade to a premium acreage lifestyle on a budget.

With Karalee Primary School and Day Care, Woolworths, the local tavern, a newsagency, chemist, doctor’s surgery, and hairdresser, as well as a boat launching ramp to the Brisbane River just minutes away, River Retreat offers all necessary infrastructure and amenities for a thriving community life, but with the luxury of a waterfront position and peace of an acreage lifestyle.