The Village People

Date Released - September 11, 2014.

QM Properties have just released a new estate, The Village at Burpengary, with affordable home sites proving extremely popular with buyers.

With the South East Queensland market heating up, this well-priced land has attracted a lot of interest from first home buyers, young families and investors.

This development will be home to 120 families, with the first 40 lots on the market now.

“The land size is compact at The Village,” said QM Properties Sales Manager, Damien Ross. “With most blocks from 320 to 530 metres square in size.”

“There are a few larger ones, up to 600 square metres,” he said. “There are very few developments around, and The Village at Burpengary is very affordable.”

“The land is near level making it easy to build on, with gently undulating grassed hills,” said Damien.

Prices for land start at $173,500, with house and land packages entry point at $310,100.

“The land size, perfect for compact homes would also have worked for a high density development,” said Damien. “But our research told us that potential buyers, prefer their own free standing home, with no body corporate fees”

“The estate also has the advantage of the NBN, a must for families with school aged children,” he said.

As the National Broadband Network rollout continues, the positive effect on prices and lifestyle is being seen in the market.

As part of the building approval process QM Properties provide ‘pit and pipe’ infrastructure, through which the NBN then connects to homes. The Village at Burpengary is equipped with the technology that is driving house and land sales nationwide.

QM Home and Land Consultant Scott Valentine believes that the NBN at the Village at Burpengary, has had a strong impact on sales.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize how important this would be for buyers,” said Scott. “People with children and gen X and Y, ask for it first before any other questions and it really has given us the advantage over nearby developments without NBN.”

“First home buyers, usually young people are happy to live in newer estates like The Village at Burpengary, providing they have fast internet access,” said Damien. “We know they miss the urban lifestyle, but they are willing to forego that for an affordable home with lines were hopeless and the ADSL was extremely slow.”

For the tech savvy generation, the NBN is a major selling point, with 100 megabits per second on offer compared to 25 mbps on the old ADSL.

“We see young couples come in to the sales office with their smart phones and tablets and know they love the live streaming, pay TV and TV on demand,” said Scott. “And the NBN question is the first they ask.”

“It is difficult to put a price or figure like $5000 on it,” said Damien. “But it certainly has given us the edge over our competition.”

A new Burpengary State High is planned to open in 2015, situated very close, and within walking distance to The Village. The Burpengary State School is also a short stroll away.

“Statistically, families often locate into the catchment area of quality schools for the family,” said Damien. “So this is another sweetener for The Village at Burpengary.”

Investors are attracted to The Village due to the large pool of quality tenants in the area. The medical and educational hubs at Caboolture and Kangaroo Bus Lines support a large workforce of professionals requiring rental homes.

QM’s research has also shown that there is a strong demand in the market for land on the Northside that easily accesses the highway, for residents to head into the CBD or Sunshine Coast

“On the outer Northside it is difficult to get onto the highway quickly, it’s a rat run through the suburbs,” said Damien. “There is also no new land available for development this close to the arterial Bruce Highway North.”

“The Village is around 1km to the Bruce Highway with Brisbane 40 minutes away, and a 45 minute drive to the Sunshine Coast,” he said.