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As one of the largest developers in South-East Queensland, QM Properties works to ensure that there are quality development guidelines employed for each community.

  • Covenants

The high-quality of the streetscapes, home designs, and attractive landscaped gardens in each of the QM estates are by in large the result of our Community Development Standards. Our Community Development Guidelines are unique to each estate and have been refined over many years to cater for changes to legislation, emerging design trends, and changes to construction methods and practices.

The guidelines may also include conditions imposed by the Local Authority which must be taken into consideration when planning and building your home. QM’s highly-qualified Covenant Team offers an invaluable post-sale service drawing on years of industry experience to offer advice on proposed house plans, landscaping, pools, sheds, and fencing.

The Covenant Team also regularly review current estates to ensure that the quality, amenity and safety of our communities is being maintained. This gives our clients ultimate peace of mind when choosing to live in or invest in a QM Properties Community. Our attractive estates are a reason why buyers actively seek to live in a QM Community and when our clients are selling their homes in our estates, they promote the name of the estate as a key selling point.


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