Cyber Alert

  • Cyber Alert

QM Sales & Marketing Funds Transfer Critical Information

People across Australia have lost money when hackers have impersonated another party by altering electronic communications including email, fax, social media, text, instant messaging, applications, file sharing and documents including PDF or Word documents.

The following steps are critical to reduce this risk and if you are involved in a transfer of funds these are our expectations of you in helping to reduce the risk of such loss.

Where payment details are contained in an electronic communication or document, you must NOT Transfer any funds (send, deposit, pay or transfer) of more than $500 Australian dollars or its equivalent in any other currency either;

  1. Without first telephoning the apparent sender to verbally confirm the account number, details and amounts by reading out and reading back the account and BSB numbers and WILL give the same warnings to anyone else known to be connected to the matter and anticipated to be involved in transferring or receiving any funds (including but not limited to, Brokers, family members, Solicitors and accountants) or
  1. Being invited via Securexchange; Securexchange is a secure website that protects property transactions from hackers by allowing property buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lawyers to communicate and confirm sensitive information such as documents & bank account details in a safe environment.

PLEASE NOTE: QM Sales & Marketing will not transfer monies held in Trust to any external party until we are able to verify any bank account using Secure Exchange.