Ways to Make Your Brand New House Feel Like a Home

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So you’ve just been given the keys to your brand new home…


From the colour of the furniture to the texture of a benchtop, every element of your new house presents an opportunity to convey a style and feel. To make it a little easier we have come up with some tips to help you make those finishing touches to your amazing new home!


  • Furnishings

Does your new home have hardwood floors or tiles? Adding a rug can create warmth, texture, and colour to any room! Another great way to bring in colours is by adding throws and cushions in the lounge room and bedroom. If your house is not filled with inviting smells it will never feel like a home!

There are loads of ways you can make your home smell nice like, air fresheners, diffusers and scented candles or add in some plants to improve the air quality in your home! Putting up some art is another great way you can instantly give your home a personality and make it seem less sterile!


  • Kitchen and Pantry

No matter what kitchen shape you have decided to go ahead with there are many ways to style it, to make it the anchor point for your family! Having things like fresh flowers on display or large bowls full of fruit and vegetables can really bring life to the room.

When organising your brand new pantry it is important to make sure it’s organised and allows you to keep track of the items. Investing in some glass or plastic airtight containers are a great way of making sure there is no food spoiling or wastage. Baskets can also be useful when storing items like onions and potatoes as well as snacks and sauces! Get creative and add labels to your pantry and containers for extra organisation!


  • Storage

Having enough storage space is a must and is something not a lot of us think about when moving into a new home! Ensuring you have the space for bulky items such as, gardening gear, suitcases and your Christmas tree is important in keeping your new house free from clutter.

Consider buying a detached storage space and utilising spaces like under the stairs, in the garage or even in the shed. You should also check with your local council about any approvals that may be required before you construct or buy your shed.


Ready to style your new home?

There are many ways to make a house feel like home, some can take time, and some can help instantaneously. The best way to get a feel for the kind of furniture you want in your new home is by visiting display homes! We have a huge range of homes in our estates which you can check out HERE!


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