Moving for First Home Buyers

Congratulations! Moving into your first home is an exciting time but it can also be very stressful. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help first home buyers move into their new home stress-free.


1 Month Before

The first step to moving into your brand new home is to start packing up your existing one. By giving yourself a few weeks to pack ensures that you don’t forget anything. You will also be able to take note of the things that you don’t currently own but will need in your new home.

Additionally, you should get a few quotes from professional moving companies at least 1 month in advance to moving. Professional movers are able to pack and load a removal truck without causing damage to your belongings. Make sure you read customer reviews from third party websites to find out if they are going to treat your belongings respectfully and communicate clearly.

A moving company that you can trust will take a lot off your plate, but there is more that needs to be done before moving day. Electricity, gas and internet providers are often booked weeks in advance so it might take them a while to get around to connecting your new home. Make sure to do your research and book ahead so you don’t have to move into a dark, internet-less house.

To help you manage, we’ve created a useful pre moving checklist:

  • Change your address for postal deliveries, bills, banks and the electoral roll
  • Have a plan for moving with kids and pets (perhaps find a sitter on the day)
  • Update friends and family with your new contact information
  • Organise house and contents insurance
  • Have spare keys to the new home cut


2 Weeks Before

The reality of having to pack up all your possessions to move into your new home can be quite daunting. By starting to plan what you are going to take with you and what you are going to dispose of will save you a lot of hassle in the days leading up to the big move.

With only 2 weeks to go it is time to get serious about the packing process and make sure your removalists are all booked in. You’ll need to make sure you have all your packing supplies ready at this stage:

  • Boxes (gather boxes from your local hardware store of purchased some used boxes)
  • Newspaper or bubble wrap (to wrap fragile items)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Marker

During this process take the opportunity to cull items you no longer use. Sell, donate or throw these items away so they won’t clutter up the new house. Purchasing your first home is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and get rid of those old items that you have accumulated throughout the years.


7 Days Before

With just one week until the big day, you might want to consider making a master check list of all your packed items. Number your boxes with a marker and write down what each box contains so you know where everything is. This will also help you to save time on the day as the movers can place the boxes in the relevant rooms of the house.


The Day Of

The big day is finally here! Although you are eager to get everything unpacked and ready to go on your first night in your new home, that is rarely the case. Make sure to pack an overnight bag containing all the items you might need on your first day and night, such as phone chargers, basic toiletries, pyjamas, towels, toilet paper and bed linen.


The Days After

Now that you are all settled into your very own home, make sure that you are receiving all mail as intended, your home insurance is in place, and that you have stopped paying all bills from your previous residence.

Now you can relax and enjoy being a first home owner!


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