Survival Guide: Moving House With Kids

If you think back to some of the most stressful experiences in your life, it is highly likely that moving houses is one of them. Moving with kids can make that whole process even more stressful. Luckily for you, there is a lot you can do to ease the strain on your family and make the whole experience run as smoothly as possible.
We hope these ideas will help turn your next move into a fun family adventure!


Step One: Talk to your family


The first thing you should do is to arrange a family meeting where you can be open and honest with your children and discuss the moving plans. Describe their new room and all the possible decoration options to get them excited. You could put together a list of nearby attractions, such as parks, shops, playgrounds, movie theatres and swimming pools. Visit your new home or take a virtual tour online to help them familiarise with their new home and ensure it is a happy experience. If you are moving interstate, consider having a “see you soon” party before you leave. Make sure to reassure your children that they will be able to keep in touch with their friends and family.


Step Two: Pack and de-clutter


Moving house is always a great opportunity to cleanse and de-clutter. During this process, set up a box to donate, to sell, and to throw. When packing up, make sure to have your little movers help and give them special responsibilities. Let them pack up their toys and books, but be sure to keep aside their night time sleep toys. Another fun idea is to let them write and decorate the packing boxes to show what is in the box. Buy a special bag for your kids and ask them to fill it with all the things they love, plus items that they will need for the first night in the new home and settling in time.


Step Three: Get ready for the big day


Hiring removalists on the day will make things a lot easier to get the move done in one go. Make sure to plan for friends or family to look after the children for the day to ensure they are out of the way. Have all the tools you need to put together the beds handy, as well as fresh sheets ready to go. Make sure you have the children’s important things close by, like nappies, bottles, snacks, nightwear and their favourite toys. Try to have their bedroom unpacked and looking familiar before they arrive at their new home.


Step Four: Say Goodbye and Settle In


It is important for your children to say goodbye to their old home and old neighbourhood, especially if they are moving away from their school, their friends, and their family. While this may at first be difficult, it is important for them to recognise that change is a fact of life. There are some tips you can follow to help make this process easier for them:

  • Keep their new rooms similar to their old rooms and let them help set up and do the decorating.
  • Leave some lights on during the night until they adjust to the new home.
  • Allow them to unpack their special box once they arrive.
  • Take them outside to explore the nearby playgrounds and parks.
  • Make sure to stay calm and positive so your children can pick up on those vibes.


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